Uncle Ronnie Dobbs’ Fan Club

Manager: Mark


NFL – Randy Moss (NWE)
NFL – Michael Vick (PHI)
NBA – Delonte West (CLE)
NBA – Michael Beasley (MIA)
MLB – Delmon Young (MIN)
NHL – Dany Heatley (SJS)
FLEX big – Carmelo Anthony (NBA, DEN)
FLEX small – J.D. Drew (MLB, BOS)
1on1 – Fedor Emelianenko (MMA)
Racing – Michael Phelps (Swim)
International – Miguel Tejada (DR, MLB, BAL)
NCAAF – Florida State
NCAAB – Kentucky
Adult – J.R. Rider
Retired big3 – Dennis Rodman (NBA)
Retired big3 – Darryl Strawberry (MLB)
Retired any – Tanya Harding
Actor – Snoop Dogg

Team Crest

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