Artest is for the peoples!

"I got two. Who needs two? Two tickets here."

Ron Artest, who has been on crook-watch all season, opened up his wallet as wide as he generally opens his mouth this week. He Gave away $18,000 in tickets to two lucky fans for game 1 of the NBA Finals. When the fans tweeted Ron that they needed tickets, I doubt they expected him to respond at all. When he did, they must have been thrilled. When they found out they were floor seats, they must have been, well…floored. Ron who publicized his defense just a few months back played lock-down D in the victory. It’s nice to see Ron-Ron giving something to fans other than fractured mandibles. Haywood’s Heroes, who’s been a real crookball force so far, will lose 4 pts (1pt per $5,000) in Giving Back for this menschy deed. We realize the tickets were $18,000 not $20,000. However, after Ticketmaster’s (the real crooks) fees, charges, convenience charges, and surcharges the cost likely eclipsed the 20k mark.

-Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

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2 Responses to Artest is for the peoples!

  1. Casey says:

    I am pissed about the lost points, but that Ticketmaster comments had me rolling. Well worth it.

  2. randee ward says:

    Loved the post

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