Chris Pronger is a puck snatcha!

Chris Pronger-member of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Charlie Sheen’s Wild Things, raised some pronounced brows this week when he stole game pucks from the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I wonder if I should have recycled them instead...

He was apparently upset by losing both games and took the pucks so the winning team, the Chicago Blackhawks, could not keep them as souvenirs. His actions have been called, “Bush league” by members of the Blackhawks, but here at Crookball we prefer the term, “our league.” He then threw them in the garbage where according to Pronger, “they belonged.” Hockey players, while known for fighting, do not have a long history of theft. It is nice to see they are beginning to diversify.

-Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

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One Response to Chris Pronger is a puck snatcha!

  1. Casey says:

    Chris Ponger looks like Daniel Tosh and Andy Sandberg F–ked each other in the mouth and then ejaculated him out.

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