Brawl in the family.

At a certain age I think the cornrows should go.

Marquis Daniels’ step father, Willie L. Buie, was forcibly removed from Amway arena earlier this week during game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. He reportedly yelled expletives, refused to leave and swung his arms at officers. While parents getting riled up at their children’s sporting events is nothing new, it generally happens when their children are you know, actually playing. The 6th year dinosaurish, alien-looking guard has yet to play a minute in this 3rd round of the playoffs. It is not known what prompted Buie to act a fool. Perhaps he was upset at the news that the arena will NOT be converted into a Mega Church when the Magic move into their new complex. Or it could be that Buie was so upset his step son dino-alien was not seeing any “court” time, he decided to try and get some of his own.

Carrie Stoudemire has been arrested 12 times! The charges have ranged from drug possession to prostitution.

This story, along with A’mare Stoudemire’s mother being arrested for not having a mandated breathalyzer in her vehicle due to her  previous DUI charges got us thinking; Maybe we should have a roster spot for Athletes’ family members. Weigh in below.

-Co-Mish, The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

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One Response to Brawl in the family.

  1. Casey says:

    I think we should replace one of the retiree spots with a friends and family member spot. Pick an athlete and friends and family members who are involved with in shennanigans get pts.

    Like Lebron’s Mom hooking up with half the Cavs. . . .or this . . .

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