Honestly, who throws a towel?

During game two of the Eastern Conference Semis, the Celtics had a commanding lead over the favored Cavs. 68% career free throw shooter J.J. Hickson was at the line and Danny Ainge decided to make it rain…towels. The Boston Celtics president flung a towel straight into the air in an attempt to distract the giant child power forward. Hickson hit the free throw but Boston still easily won the game. Ainge was fined $25,000 for his stupidity. The towel was taken in for questioning but could only say, this.

Ainge should have also thrown up an arrow so Hickson could have actually seen the towel.

-The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

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One Response to Honestly, who throws a towel?

  1. randee ward says:

    He just was making a statement. Cut him some slack

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