16 going on 23?

Some coaches are convinced that 16 year old high school basketball sensation Jerry Joseph is really 22 year old former high school basketball sensation, Guerdwich Montimere. Others believe that he is a Haitian alien in this country illegally. Montimere’s former coach, Louis Vives saw Joseph during a tournament in Little Rock Arkansas and immediately recognized him. He approached Joseph to see what was going on and asked if he was really Montimere.

"Gimmie that ball youngin'! Wait! No, I mean...I'm a teenager too! I'm so excited to get my licsence soon...let's read Twilight!." - "Jerry Joseph"

Vives says that, “The surprised look on his face gave it away.” Maybe the look was due to being called some weirdo name by some rando dude. Or, maybe he knew he his cover was blown and his highschool 2.0 experience will soon be coming to an end.

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