Phillies fan gets tasered in left field, one-ups vomiting brethren

As if it couldn’t get worse for the tainted image of the cheese steak snorting sports fans of Philadelphia. As you may recall, last month Matthew Clemmens of Cherry Hill, NJ pulled the trigger on an off-duty cop and vomited on his 11-year-old daughter. It gets better.

Yesterday, High School senior Steve Consalvi jumped into the outfield in the 8th inning at Citizen’s Bank Park to chase after what he referred to as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” He soon found himself running from security, until they gunned him down with a taser. Had he only listened to his father’s advice when he called to ask if he should do it. . .

Not only did the kid get to run onto the field during a game, but he got a pre-college taste of police brutality, some jail-time, a prime spot on Sportscenter, and the admiration of a young lady who tweeted, “hahhaha i knoww that kid that was on the phillies field….he is my HERO i love youuu.” Stevie’s police record will dissolve when he turns 18, and maybe even his virginity, but the memories will last forever.

Joining the foam finger flinging Flaker fans of LA, the stadium stall fuckers in Chicago and Dallas, and the red pepper bong smoker in Minnesota, Philadelphians are making a case for Crookball to add a roster spot for fans.

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