Your wish has been granted, my dear Co-mish

New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark decided that if his players can’t be inspired to act on their own inadequacies then he better take matters into his own hands.

Nets CEO Brett Yormark pops his team's Crookball cherry on an innocent fan.

This season’s attendance, and performance for that matter, has been competitive to that of the Tulsa Shock. With so few die-hards willing to venture into the odorous depths of New York’s armpit and hand his franchise some much needed revenue, it wasn’t hard for Yormark to spot the one who saw humor in the situation. With cash flowing over from Russia to the future site of the Brooklyn Nets, the CEO felt he didn’t need that fans’ money, or his commentary.

According to the New York Daily News, Yormark jumped out of his courtside seat in the second half of the Nets’ 99-89 loss to the Heat, and began “berating” Middletown’s Chris Lisi for wearing a bag on his head.

Fan Chris Lisi said he brown bagged it because the Nets are so good.

Hopefully this will inspire the apathetic group of losers to take out some of their frustrations, and maybe for one of you Crookballers to pick up Keyon Dooling.

-Snitches Get Stitches (Co-mish)

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