Big B.A.L.

Al Jefferson

This would never happen if Rubio were here.

The Perennially lottery-bound T-Wolves were hit with another blow this past weekend. No, not losing again by an average margin of 8.7 points (second worst in the NBA). Their “star” and cartoony hippo look-a-like Al Jefferson was busted driving drunk. Now, I think if anyone was mired in mis-management, staring at a 13-44 record and currently suffering through one of the worst Minnesota winters in recent memory they too would develop a drinking problem. Al was clocked going 57 in 40 while heading home from downtown on 394 west. This has not been Al’s first problem driving this season. He has not been able to drive to lane with the same explosiveness he once had and has looked sluggish since returning from his knee injury last year that halted the wolves hot streak in January where they won a stunning 10 games in a 12 game stretch. On the down side his actions were irresponsible and he has disappointed us here at Crookball. On the bright side, Big Al finds the word “speeding” next to his name for perhaps the first time this season. He will be suspended for two games and will go to court after the regular season has ended. He will most likely miss the playoffs…as they do not get TNT in jail.

-The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (Co-Mish)

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  1. randee ward says:

    Funniest site EVER!!

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