Matchup 1 results

Therapists for 500 enjoyed the biggest point spree so far this young season by doing NOTHING, thanks to Jamie Foxx, who delivered Haywood’s Heroes with a devastating negative 50 points for Giving Back. See below for the story. Shame on you, Haywood. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan continues to bustly boast her title as Steal of the Draft by spending several hours hungover in the Duty Free shop and failing to catch her plane to Austria, where she was set to attend the Vienna Opera Ball. She forfeited her $150,000 fee, thus awarding Lebowski with a far-from-anorexic 30 points in Po’Pourri.

The most heated matchup was between hometown rivals Charlie Sheen’s Wild Things and With Intent to Distribute Ass Kickings, who both hail from Shaker Heights, home of lunchroom scrappin’ and hockey brawls. The final score between them is 2-2, and since With Intent put up more points, he takes home the W.

Other winners in Matchup 1: Snitches Get Stitches, Little Lebowski, The Rapists for 500
Everyone else tied. Go to Schedules & Results for the final scores, and check out the Squads page to see the standings.

NOTE: The first pair of numbers are the total points. The second pair represents the actual score (# of categories ahead). Also, scoring from last week is included in each list. The newer on top.

Nate Robinsomeone vs. Cumberland Farms’ All-Stars: 0-0, 0-0

Snitches Get Stiches vs. Jersey Trash: 11-0, 1-0
Michael Irvin accused of rape >> 1pt for Bitches + 1 Not-Your-Bitch bonus
Michael Irvin loses on-air gig at ESPN Radio Dallas> >> +3 pts for resulting in suspension, +6 pts (2 per week) for days missed, all tack up to Bitches.

Charlie Sheen’s Wild Things vs. With Intent to Distribute Ass Kickings: 1-2, 2-2
Jose Canseco runs his potty mouth on Twitter: To all the shit talking fucks who have something bad to say, all you tough typing sons of bitches do something to me or shut the fuck up. >> +1 pt in Po’pourri

WVU’s Da’Shaun Butler scraps on the court; fan throws a penny on Pitt coach’s head >> 1 pt for Scrappin’ + 1 pt for Doin’ Work + 1 pt DFW bonus for penny tossing
Rasheed Wallace acts in a play with little kids for NBA Cares >> -1 pt for Giving Back. Sorry, WITDAK!

Rasheed Wallace acts in a play with little kids for NBA Cares. Negative point for Giving Back.

We Are Marshall vs. Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers: 0-33, 0-4
Lindsay Lohan misses her flight and $150,000 for spending too much time in Duty Free >> 30 pts Po’Pourri

Drunken Lindsay Lohan Scraps with ex-Bitch Samantha Ronson >> 1 pt Scrappin’ + 1 pt Bitches + 1 pt Cloudy Piss

Therapists for 500 vs. Haywood’s Heroes: 0-(-47), 1-2
Chad Ochocinco admits to cheating on girlfriend >> 1 pt Bitches + 1 not-your-bitch bonus pt

Jamie Foxx delivers $500,000 in musical instruments to kids >> a devastating -50 pts for Giving Back

Ochocinco brings a high schooler to Tootsie’s Cabaret >> 1 pt Po’pourri

Uncle Ronnie Dobb’s Fan Club vs. I Like Weed.: 0-0, 0-0

Baby Got Gats vs. I Heart Nick Cage: 0-0, 0-0

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