Roster Moves

Charlie Sheen’s Wild Things
Add: Rajon Rondo (NBA)
Drop: Dwight Howard

Therapists for 500
Add: Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj aka Asashoryu (Int’l)
Drop: Matthew Hatton

Snitches Get Stitches
Add: Gary Busey (actor)
Drop: Bill Belicheck, move Michael Irvin to adult position

Your Mother’s Sister’s Dodge Stratus
Add: Tom Berenger (actor)
Drop: Madonna

Haywood’s Heroes
Add: Johnny Weir (1-on-1, figure skater)
Drop: Kimbo Slice
Add: Russel Crowe
Drop: Jamie Foxx
Add: Michelle Rodriguez
Drop: Russel Crowe
Add: Brian Miller

The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Drop: Serena Williams
Add: Alex Castro

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